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Welcome to Wennerstrom Running!

More about me and our mission

Hey y'all! My name is Gabby Wennerstrom and owner of Wennerstrom Running. I'm a Texas born and raised runner of 12 years. I started running in college in the summer of 2010 as a means to lose weight. Little did I know how much this sport would change my life. I ran and competed without a coach for 8 years. Using cookie cutter running plans through my first 2 marathons and handful of other distances. My PR in 2017 was a 5:45 marathon, once I hired my first coach at the end of 2018 the game changed. In three short years I took that PR down to a 3:23 marathon qualifying for my first Boston Marathon and learning so much more about running on the way. Self coaching never worked for me. It (for me) is much better to have someone else's support and learn through your coach how to become a better runner. I continue my own journey of accomplishing bigger running goals.

My Personal Training Background

I started my own personal training business in my small town at the end of 2012. It organically grew from my love of wanting to help others accomplish fitness goals. I am Cooper Institute Certified Personal trainer and ISSA certified group class instructor.

Our Mission

No athletes are ever the same and I have a mission to allow each athlete to grow within their ability with a coach that is supportive and encouraging!

Join Us

I would be honored to help you achieve your running and fitness goals!

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